Combating Wear and Tear: Car Armors

Everyone knows that before you go into any battle, you need a weapon. But going to battle is not always about the offense. Defense is also important.

If you drive any form of vehicle, you probably have heard of defensive driving. It is used to define the measures you use while driving to prevent yourself from getting involved in accidents. In short, defensive driving is a preventative measure to preserve one’s life.

But how about preserving the life of your vehicle? If your car is your shield from outside factors like sun and rain, what protects your car from these harsh weather conditions?

Protecting your car is important if you want it to have a long life. In an article published in NBC News online, the average life span of a vehicle can go from 8 years to 15 years depending on built and maintenance. The keyword here is maintenance.

Just like the human body that takes necessary vitamins and supplements to shield itself from diseases, cars also need armors to prevent wear and tear. These armors come in different forms.

Exterior Accessories

There are different types of accessories that can protect your car’s exterior. One is a car cover.  A car cover is not only necessary when your car is parked outside. Even when you own a garage, a car cover is important because dust can still go inside. Dust is not just dirt when it comes to car surfaces. It becomes like fine sandpaper when it comes into contact with things like a grocery bag, or yourself. The friction it creates scratches your car paint without you even noticing.

Aside from this, car covers protect your vehicle from the sun, rain, insects, animal deposits, and a lot more when parked outside. Harsh weather condition is not the only enemy your car has. People are potential hazards to your car, too, especially in a full parking area. Some may just mindlessly open their car doors without noticing that there is another vehicle nearby.

The result? Car dents. This is why it is necessary to put a body side molding in your car. It protects the side of your car from having huge dents and scratches. Also, it doesn’t only protect but can be decorative as well.

person painting a car


An online article posted in New York Times discusses how paint jobs in cars affect resale value. Comparing it to fashion, it states that car manufacturers even have departments for stylists and colorists to predict future trends. The article however also mentions that “paint is also about durability, not just aesthetics.”

Indeed, a good paint job prevents your car’s metal body from rusting. Rust is your vehicle’s worst enemy. One way of keeping your paint scratch-free is by constant cleaning. This way, you remove dirt and grime that can potentially damage your vehicle. Another way of protecting your paint is through waxing.

Wax provides a double layer between your paint and your car’s body, hence acting as a double shield. Typical wax can last for weeks or months, depending on the type. For longer-lasting protection, some use professional-grade ceramic coating because it bonds better with the car paint.

No matter which you choose, the point is you protect your car not only from rusting but from other harmful factors such as changing weather conditions.

Interior Protection

Taking care of your car must not only mean protecting its exteriors but its interiors as well. The best way to protect your vehicle’s interior is by keeping it clean. It is unavoidable that when you enter your car, you bring in outside dirt as well. Sometimes, you also get hungry and cannot keep yourself from eating inside.

This makes interior covers important for your vehicle. By having a car seat cover, you protect your seats from wear and tear. A floor mat on the other hand will protect your car’s carpet and enable you to easily clean dust carried by your shoes into the car.

Cleanliness will not only improve your vehicle’s lifespan but make it an enjoyable space for driving.

Maintenance Is Key

Just like when people need to see the doctor for an annual check-up, your car also needs constant checks to know if it’s still okay or needs servicing. A quick check once a day before using will ensure your safety, but every six months, you need to bring your car to the service center to check its condition.

Doing this together with other preventative measures will ensure that you get to use your car for many more years to come.

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