Must-Have Gadgets for Off-Grid Living

There is an undeniable appeal to buying a mobile house or campervan, then finding an intriguing plot of land where you can park and set down roots. In light of the pandemic and political turmoil going on all over the world, off-grid living is becoming more and more attractive.

Whether you’re serious about living off-grid or want to try the lifestyle for a brief period, there are a few things you must acquire to make the experience happy and memorable. Below are four gadgets that make the cut.

1. Camera drone

Many people go off-grid to get away from the tiresome, noisy, and stressful environment of urbanized cities. Out in the isolated camping sites and off-grid communities situated far from cities, they find the solitude and quiet that they crave. Even better, they get 360-degree views of unblemished nature. These views alone are worth getting a camera drone for.

Besides getting gorgeous footage of the fields or mountains that surround your mobile home, camera drones are handy for scouting the immediate area for alternative parking spaces or spots to explore. It’s therefore worth investing in a high-quality, American-made camera drone if you’re going to spend months living off the grid.

2. Solar panels

Most professionally-designed and assembled RV homes have provisions for solar panels on the roof or exterior walls. You should consider making use of the space and invest in high-quality solar panels.

Just because you want to be disconnected from urban facilities doesn’t mean you give up on electronics and not furnish your mobile home with electric appliances. They are still essential to your comfort and well-being while living beyond the grid. Solar panels are your compromise: they can generate just enough electricity to power your most important electronics and appliances. But because your power will still be limited, you will again feel inclined to try out new hobbies and activities that don’t require any power at all.

3. Beartooth radio

Call from the summit

One of the biggest challenges of getting off the grid is you’re also cut off from major communication networks. Cell signal gets weaker, too; the more isolated your location is. You can overcome the limitations of zero tower or satellite service with a Beartooth radio. It is an off-grid communication device that doesn’t need cell tower service or Internet connection to work. You only have to download the Beartooth app on their mobile phones, pair their devices with the Beartooth radio, and you can go ahead and make calls and texts.

There is, however, a catch: you can only communicate with people within a two to ten-mile radius who also have a Beartooth device. The device essentially turns your mobile phone into a walkie-talkie.

4. Energy-efficient refrigerator

A fridge is the biggest guzzler of electricity in a mobile home. It would be unwise, however, to forego one entirely. There’s no nearby grocery or convenience store you can buy food from when you’re exploring the trail paths. You’ll need a fridge to keep the perishable food you catch or grow (e.g., fish, game, fruits, and vegetables) fresh and edible for as long as possible.

To ensure your fridge doesn’t consume all the power stored from your solar panels, find a one that’s designed for off-grid living. They’re energy-efficient, and some models even function like a cooler when there’s a power shortage.

Keep these four gadgets in mind if you ever decide to try living in a mobile home, whether temporarily or permanently. These gadgets should make the experience so much better for you.

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