Road Etiquette: Being Kind on the Road

Being nice to other people can go a long way. You will never know if the person you showed a nice gesture will be someone you will meet again in the future who can offer you help. But the road, your personality is hidden from everyone else. You can either be inside your car or hiding your head in a helmet if you are on two wheels. The only time people can get a glimpse of you is when you get out of your vehicle for gas or reveal your face when you need to converse with motorcycle battery suppliers. You still should not forget about etiquette even when you are behind the wheel and rolling on asphalt. Here are some ways you can observe etiquette as a motorist.

Be Appreciative of Others

There have been too many incidents of road rage, and it is an indelible part of motorist culture. Hotheads can arise from heavy traffic or just plain clashing of egos. Some people may think that they are out there racing each other to the finish line. There are others who think that someone has slighted them because they got overtaken or came too close to a fender bender. These are the people who should reconsider why they were given the license to drive a vehicle on public roads. If you are someone who lets anger take over while you are behind the steering wheel of your car, you then become a danger to other motorists.

You can easily look the other way if you feel something is already brewing inside of you. Focus on the positive, for there are many kind and respectful motorists out there who can make your day. How many times have you experienced feeling great when a fellow driver gave you a quick wave, signaling you to go and move ahead of them? Or when the vehicle behind you exercised patience by not blaring their horn on you when your vehicle broke down in traffic? These are moments that you need to appreciate because there are motorists out there who can understand your plight and are not being selfish.

Care for the Pedestrians

Not everyone has the luxury of getting into their own car and going out on the road on their own terms. A lot of people are part of the commuting and pedestrian crowd. They are those who brave the thick crowds in the hopes of getting into the bus stop or train station in time. They navigate the roads differently, so you need to understand their limitations. If you care enough for them, you will see that they just want to get to where they need to, but they are just limited to their physical abilities and environmental factors. Every motorist should treat them as humans and not as obstacles.

Be the Giver

Female driver

Everyone has experienced being the recipient of a nice gesture. The only thing better than that is when you are the one who is giving it. It can be difficult out there on the road. If you see someone struggling with their driving, volunteer to help them out. When you see another car that seems to be in a hurry or running for an emergency, give way to them. Being in sync or in harmony with other drivers can help reduce the amount of rage that you have been accustomed to seeing. Giving way to others is an act of goodwill that can stop the cycle of rage in its tracks.

You should not forget your manners. Any good act that you see at home or at the office can easily be replicated when you are out there driving. There may still be a lot of drivers out there whose tempers are getting triggered by shallow stuff, but you do not have to follow suit. Instead, blaze your trail by practicing proper road etiquette.

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