Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse or Some Other Disaster

With COVID-19 stirring panic in several countries — including the US — preparing for the worst (or at least some sort of disaster) doesn’t seem so funny anymore. Of course, COVID-19 is already here, but you can take steps to prepare for the next big disaster, even if it’s the zombie apocalypse.

Store Food and Water

If grocery runs with a horde of panic-stricken people can teach you a lesson, it would be to stock up on food and water. Preppers of today have it a lot easier. You can buy a month’s worth of dry food in Walmart or the internet (or at least you could, before the panic), and these supplies can last for years without turning rancid. Having a stock of food allows you to stay put and avoid whatever disaster is happening outside.

Water is somewhat trickier as it needs more space to store, and plastic containers can become breeding grounds of bacteria if left unused. Of course, you can always boil water, and water or tablet purifiers (if you’re desperate) are readily available. Dry food supply prices have gone down significantly, so you can stock up on food for as long as you deem necessary. A store of a year or two should be enough. If they spoil in 5 years or so, then it’s a good thing. Just replenish your stocks before they spoil.

Gather Knowledge


Information is essential in any emergency, and you already have a powerful tool in the palm of your hands. Your phone can hold maps, detailed instructions, tons of info, and you can carry it with you at all times. Download a book on first aid, primitive hunting, or a detailed guide on edible plants.

Your phone probably has a few apps you aren’t using, so why not make space for information that can save lives? Purchase a solar charger or two to make sure your phone will always have power. Even if everything burns down, you can keep a record of humanity (in the info you chose to download) inside your tiny little phone.

Stay Mobile

Bunkering down is a good option, but having a bit of mobility will give you more options and increase your chances of survival. Electric cars will be all but useless, and any apocalypse will probably right the environment in a way no act of humanity can. Lifted diesel trucks should be your vehicle of choice; they can run on almost any terrain, and you can mow down hordes of undead if you need to.

Diesel trucks can also run on cooking oil if things get desperate, and you’ll have a cool ride even if the apocalypse doesn’t come. Of course, being mobile should also include your fitness. Get regular cardio for endurance so that you can endure grueling walks and sudden sprints when you’re being chased.

You probably missed out on preparing for the Corona Apocalypse, but this one is perhaps more hype than actual danger. However, the next one might be the real thing, and everyone should do a bit of prepping to stay safe.

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