Signs Your Kids Are Ready to Have Their Own Cars?

The time has finally come. Your promise has caught up on you. Remember that time when your kids were around 12 years old and you promised them that they’d get their own cars when they were old enough? Well, that time is now. They’re cashing in on that promise. They’ve recently asked you when they can get their first cars. Questions start to race in your mind. Are they ready for it? Are you ready? Are they responsible enough to have their own cars?

There’s a lot more than owning a car, and you know it. They have to mind the Subaru maintenance schedule, for example. They have to wash the car inside and out. They have to take it to a mechanic. They need to learn some basic stuff, too, such as changing the tires or flushing the engine oil.

Why Your Kids Want a Car?

First, figure out why your kids want their own cars. Is it because of the promise you made? Are they just making sure that you fulfill your end of the bargain? Do they need it because school is far and they don’t want to take the bus anymore? Are they simply envious of their friends who have cars of their own?

The most basic question is often the most important. Why your kids need the car is an important consideration to them getting it. If they are simply envious of their friends, this is an immature reason. It shows that they are not ready to be responsible car owners. Wait it out before getting them a car.

Are They Responsible?

You have seen them around the house and in school. You’re the one who raised them. More than anybody else in this world, you alone know if your kids are ready for a big responsibility such as owning a car. Are they going to be responsible enough to take the car to the mechanic for regular inspection? Will they be paying for fuel from their own savings and allowances? Will they wash the car when it’s too dirty? Are they going to take the car to places you haven’t permitted them to go to?

Lives are in danger when drivers are irresponsible. You cannot take the responsibility of bringing your kids’ cars to the mechanic. This should be their responsibility. Make a written agreement with them. If these rules are not met, agree that you have a right to take away the keys from them.

Do They Drive Safely?

guy in car with his girlfriend

You have enrolled them in a driving school. Ask their instructors if it’s okay to let them drive alone. You’ve also been with them when they were practicing with your car. What do you think of their driving? Be honest with yourself. Don’t say that they’re not ready yet just because you don’t want to get them a car. Look at it from a different perspective. If they follow road rules strictly, that’s a sure sign that they’re ready to get on the road by themselves.

Practice makes perfect. Spend time with your kids. Get to know them. The only way to tell if they’re ready for such a big responsibility is to open your mind to the possibility that they are.

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